Two heavy-duty straps extending from one column to another obstruct what otherwise would have been the main entryway to the work, supplying the work with a quasi interiority and at times the viewer with a backrest.

The borders formed by the pebbles are at once authoritative and yet prone to becoming undermined and dispersed by the walking visitor. However, in my recurring visits to the site I precariously return the pebbles into their initial uniform position. This double pull of authority is further revealed by the framed letter presumably issued by me as author of the work addressing the expectations of the viewer "i hope i'm not being judged. i'm not ready for that".

The presence of a carpet associated with domestic spaces contrasts the cold environment of the gallery and the mall. In lieu of art on the wall, the work activates the floor as the site of the pictorial event, simultaneously seeking and anticipating the presence of viewer's bodies for supplementing verticality in its composition.

This installation took place at Precarium - Right Until Revocation through the months of October and November 2016 at Plaza Project Space inside Aberdeen mall, Richmond.

©2022 Sahand Mohajer